How to create a gum paste sugar paste mariposa lily cake

I mentioned in the last post Sydney saw Alan Dunn’s Mariposa Lily cake and liked the look; so I created my version of this peaceful spray to adorn the top of a fabric billow weave cake. Mariposa (or “butterfly”) in Spanish are peaceful beautifully colored flowers that can thrive in harsh environments despite their delicate appearance. Although there are 67 species of mariposa lilies most are found in California. I decided to add Bougainvillea, Asian orchids, and an array of foliage along with strategically placed sugar paste Rhodochrosite rocks. The board is a Unity mold (Make your Own Molds). Finally the bottom layer is covered with 50/50 paste of billow weave. I adore the mariposa lily spray peeking out from the back!

The Stamens:
You want to create the stamens first for each mariposa lily, The stamens are narrow and long with a little tip at the top. Cut six 30 gauge wires, place them to the side. Condition and knead a small amount of sugar paste/gumpaste, and create six tiny #3 seamless balls, place 5 of the balls under a cup (to keep from drying out). Dip the wire into your egg white and insert the wire in a seamless ball of paste. Gently with your forefinger and thumb work the paste down the wire to a point, keep the centre of stamen bulbous, and bring the top to a pointy tip. Use a fine tweezer to mark the stamen in thirds. Curve a few and leave a few some what straight. Place the wire stamens in a straw in a floral foam to dry.

The Pistil:
The centre pistil has a “T” shape with a bulbous base. Cut 1/3 of a 26 gauge wire, set aside. Condition and knead a #4 or #5 size ball. Dip the wire into egg white and insert the wire into the seamless ball, using your forefinger and thumb work the paste down on the wire to a point. Flatten the top, with a plain wheel mark 3 equally spaced marks. With a sharp blade slice about 1/4 of the way down. Shape into a “T” curve at the centre. With a veining tool vein the base vertical. Place the pistil in straw in floral foam.

Inner Petals: The mariposa lily consists of 3 wide inner petals, and 3 narrow outer petals.
Cut 1/3 length 26 gauge, you will need 6 of these, set to the side. You need to condition and knead some gum paste/sugar paste. Roll the paste into a log and place the log onto a groove board. Roll the log paste on the groove board, thinly to the point where the paste is transparent. Transfer the paste to a Tap-it mat and cut three petals with the widest Amaryllis or Alstroemeria petal cutter, take care to place the cutter so the groove is going down the centre.

Cut the petal out, and place the petal on your foam pad, place the other two petals under a stay fresh mat. Take one of the wires dip the wire into the egg white (wipe off the excess) and carefully insert the wire into the groove half way up the petal. With your medium metal ball tool half on the petal and half on the pad, soften the edges of the petal as you frill slightly. Place the petal between your double sided stargazer-B petal veiner and press to add the veining impression. Replace the petal to the foam pad and using your silk veining tool roll in a fan motion over the top of the petal. Turn the petal over and place on to your shaping foam. Gently roll your medium ball tool down the centre of the back of the petal, creating a slight curve. Lay on a dimpled foam to dry.

How to create a sugar paste Mariposa Lily Spray!. You will need three for the cake!!!

Step by step lesson and pictures are available on the Bobbie and Sydney’s tutorial

The Mariposa Lily cake has a beautiful peaceful look!


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